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Staying Alive Until STAR WARS

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I just started season 4 of CLONE WARS… and I literally skipped the first DVD – 3 episodes dedicated to the planet of the Mon Calamari… an ocean planet where everyone lives in the water, even though Admiral Akbar and other Mon Cal can breathe air like everyone else… and where light sabers work perfectly fine under water…. I couldn’t take it.

Feel free to convince me that this all makes sense if you care to.

I’ve started reading TARKIN, though.  What a great book!  And what a fabulous blending of the prequels and the original trilogy!

bb8 newspaper


There’s been a great disturbance in the force – Chancellor Palpatine has assumed the role of EMPEROR!

Star Wars newspaper.JPG

There’s a lot of cool stuff happening with STAR WARS in Japan!  Above is volume 4 of the STAR WARS NEWSPAPER (スターウォーズ新聞), the end of which chronicles the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine.  Wow!!  It’s like I’m actually on Coruscant reading this in the year 19 BBY.

Check out the newspaper’s site here!

And with my advanced tickets to see THE FORCE AWAKENS, 7-11 gave me a special STAR WARS NEWSPAPER info manual including a character tree of the STAR WARS movie universe to date, and a size comparison of ships and characters.  Wow!!


May the Force be with you. – Foosu to tomo ni are. – フォーズと共にあれ。


rabbit island

Rabbit Island, Japan

Would you go to an island known for its packs of wild, abandoned dogs?


Would you go to an island infamous for its clowders and glarings of cats?


How about rabbits?

It turns out that people will come from MILES for that!  And in a country like Japan where parks full of human-friendly deer and monkeys are not uncommon, you know it’s going to be a legit, safe encounter with nature.  Rabbit Island does not disappoint.

Rabbit Island (aka Usagi-Jima/ウサギ島; aka Okunoshima/大久野島) is located in Hiroshima Prefecture.  This past weekend I took a 12 minute ferry ride from at Tadanomi Port (忠海港) near Takehara City (竹原市) to the old war-museum of an island.

“Wait wait wait..!” I hear you say.  “I thought this was a RABBIT ISLAND – not a WAR ISLAND.”

Well, now all you model tank-building, animal-rights nuts can FINALLY have your cake and eat it too.  Not only is Rabbit Island a safe haven for its animal namesake, it’s also a former war-factory complete with an old poison gas musuem and air raid shelter………………………………wut

But there’s also a hot springs and hotel!  This has got to be THE WEIRDEST PLACE ON EARTH.  And so close to the Peace Memorial and Museum in Hiroshima City…

I didn’t go out of my way to see any of the war stuff – I was too busy feeding the rabbits! – But I can say that the old buildings and infrastructure are quite eerie to behold, and also hard to miss.


War time ruins (are there any other kind?)


The old power plant on the island (photo courtesy of Wikipedia, because I lost my shots of this… ;_;)

Definitely a trip I won’t soon forget.


ANGRY at the CLONE WARS… (#2)


Jedi Order Territory Map (link)

All right, I think I’ve had enough of the “ROGER ROGER” era of STAR WARS.

I’m onto the 3rd season of CLONE WARS, I’ve started DARK DISCIPLE, and I’ve had to consult star charts like the one above to help get everything straight….  Let me start by saying that near-everything was done to pull together all the random bullshit that was created for the prequel films.  But just like the prequel films, there are some really weird things that happen in the CLONE WARS.

First off, I like the state of the galaxy and the Jedi Council in this era – it is an era of galactic unification, and the Galactic Republic has some 25 thousand years of history behind it.  But the galaxy also feels bloated, which is appropriate within this context: look at the state of any large civilization of Earth’s history before its fall, and you may find something similar.  Although Jedi numbers are high, they are practically mass-producing new knights for the sake of the war, rushing Padawans through training.  And let’s not forget that they are literally mass-producing soldiers to fight in the war as well; there is confusion in trying to relegate the senate and, where there is discontent with the galactic government, people seek new allies elsewhere.

So I buy the state-of-affairs – this makes sense to me.

But what always seems to suffer in these prequels are the Jedi – they make stupid decisions and only use their Force powers when the script allows.

Remember when Darth Vader said, “The Force is strong with this one,” when he was chasing Luke during the battle of the first Death Star?

Why can no Jedi do this in CLONE WARS?  Jedi are CONSTANTLY following and being followed by Sith Lords… but those being followed NEVER seem realize it!

Remember when Darth Vader said, “I sense something – I presence I have not felt since…” when he felt Obi-Wan Kenobi nearby.

Maybe there are just so few Force users in the universe during the Death Star era that when two are in close proximity they can sense one another..?  wuuuttttt…….?


Remember when the Jedi attacked Geonosis in Episode 2?  OK, there was a huge battle droid factory there, so an all-out assault on the Geonosian home-world was… warranted..?

And then another attack was allowed during CLONE WARS..?  Isn’t this akin to attacking a country and slaughtering its people because they make arms for another belligerent nation?  The Geonosians weren’t invading other planets themselves.  But the Jedi came and invaded Geonosis.

Sure, this is a grey area at best, but the whole premise seems a bit odd for the Jedi.


Then there was a CLONE WARS episode where the Jedi unleash a new weapon on the droid armies; a weapon that is a direct reference to the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War 2 (complete with a Godzilla reference and everything)…

Sooooo, the Jedi dropped a nuclear warhead-equivalent…??  Yep, Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker oversaw the project.

Hmmm… I’m thinking back now to a woe-begotten line from Episode 3 where Anakin says, “From my point of view the Jedi are evil.”

I’m starting to think he had a point.

So either the whole Jedi mentality we were taught in the original films is being thrown out the window, or the writers of CLONE WARS are working events up to make the Jedi seem truly hypocritical just so Anakin makes sense when he says his line.

I dunno… I’m thinking I may just have to resign myself to the fact that the target audience for the CLONE WARS and prequel films have been and always will be little kids to don’t care or know about the greater universe of STAR WARS.

At least General Grevious and Ventress are still cool.