Sky Pigs page 5 & 6

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In the past month I’ve written and drawn 6 pages of SKY PIGS, and it feels like the introduction (prologue? first chapter?) is complete! I decided to do an extra 6th page that wasn’t in the original plan – just for … Continue reading

Manga Contest Voting!

Hello all, sorry for the SPAM post, but a 4-panel comic of mine is up for vote in a contest, and I’d love to get your vote… even though the comic itself isn’t very funny…  In fact, what would be really funny is if you actually voted for my comic! :D

Did I win your hearts over with that one?  No?  Well, I tried.

All the same, it’d be SUPER AWESOME if you did vote for me!  Just click on the comic below to be taken to the voting page, scroll down and click VOTE.  Feel free to check out all the other entries as well and vote for them too, as there’s a lot of good talent (especially if you can read Japanese)

Thanks all! n_n

Asian Beat 4 panel contest 2 copy


Sky Pigs 4

SKY PIGS page 4

Sky Pigs 4

The more I craft and draw each page, the more MANGA it feels to me… which feels great!  I’ve always loved working with black and white stuff – colour is fun for sure, but there’s a clarity and simplicity that comes with the greyscale (not to be confused with this grayscale).  Love it.

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