the NOVA Rabbit

There’s a lot to say about NOVA and its past.  Just trying to find a title for this post was an effort in futility.  Poor workplace ethics, lawsuits, bankruptcy, death from overwork, buy-outs…

But that NOVA Rabbit sure is cute!

Actually, it would seem that the company has reformed, but truth be told, I was surprised that NOVA was even around anymore.  The countless times I walked by their building in my local downtown, I never noticed them perched floors above, under new ownership… and I wondered – why not dissolve the company entirely and start fresh?  Why not erase the name from all storefronts and try again?  Brand recognition surely must work against a company with a history like NOVA’s.

…but again…. that NOVA Rabbit is so cute.

There’s nothing I can write here that doesn’t seem to be common knowledge at this point.  But if there’s one thing that can’t be said enough…

That NOVA Rabbit is adorable!


Trying to make the BEST Mario Maker Level

It’s been just over a week since Super Mario Maker hit shelves…

AND IT ROCKS!  Funny how my favourite Wii-U game so far is essentially a remix of previous generation Mario game.  But you know, when it’s a good remix YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT FOR DAYS!

Here are two of my attempts:

Zelda Dungeon 3 – COURSE ID # 32FE-0000-003C-D227 – I tried to make this one as close to the NES version as possible.

Mario Maker Zelda Dungeon 3

Mario’s Torture Museum – COURSE ID # 6832-0000-0044-57E6 – It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep…  The sick part of me wanted to watch those Koopalings suffer.

Mario Maker Torture Museum

And I can’t take credit for this last one, but fellow a fellow Redditor posted it and… well…don’t take my word for it!  PRO WRESTLING MARIO!  Who would’a thought it could work so well??

Wrestle Kingdom – COURSE ID # 60DB-0000-0026-1B34

p.s. sorry for the poor quality images



Louis marj strike

Louis Canada was built on gold

Louis Lumberjacks

The “Hunger Lives at 24 Sussex” Saga continues with Marjorie and Louis going up against the PLANT GHOST of the Ontario forest, GREEN STEVE.

This is honestly my LEAST favourite part of the creative process – sharing.  *shudder*  I love animating and bringing drawings to life.  And I love looking back on my old cartoons and seeing what I did well, and what I outta do better next time.

But after I finish a cartoon, I’m at a creative low: “WHAT DO I DO NEXT?!  DID I DO THIS AS BEST I COULD?!  WHAT IF EVERYONE HATES THIS NEW CARTOON?!”

Here’s to getting through the bends!  I hope you all enjoy the newest episode of SKY PIGS!

SKY PIGS (#0) Pilot:
SKY PIGS (#1.0):

MAPLE LEAVES for EYES (#0) Pilot:



Sky Pigs KILL PLANTS copy

SKY PIGS Kill Plants (Episode 1.1) – Coming sooooooooooon, lolz

Sky Pigs KILL PLANTS copy

In the next episode of SKY PIGS…

Louis tied up

Sub-Constable Louis will get a little kinky…

Marj axe slash

Constable Marjorie will kick some ass…

Prime Ministers of Canada

And some former Prime Ministers may make an appearance.

So please stay tuned, everyone!  I am doing all of this out of my own time and pocket, and the more support you show, the better I know how to entertain you! :)  Plz, LIKE, COMMENT and Shaaaaaaaaare!!! ^_^

While you’re waiting, please check out the episodes so far:

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