No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

How to draw a bad ass Mario

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

Materials: blue lead mechanical pencil, 0.7 regular led mechanical pencil, black Tradio pen, black Pilot V pen (F), black writing brush (筆ペン), Letraset Pro Markers, Photoshop…. erasers and stuff.

First of all I did a Google image search to find some good yankee photos and poses.  Next (click the images for details):


the face changer, Zawachin

If you don’t know how to change your name and assume the identity of another person…

You don’t know the power of make-up.

Forget the masks from Mission Impossible, check out make-up artiste, Zawachin (ざわちん).  Please note that ALL of the pictures below are of the same person.

A part of the mono-mane comedic impression culture of Japan television, Zawachin adds to the FOUNDATION, as it were, of the art. Not to mention she can do you up as your favourite celebrity as well!