Rogue One Trailer Reaction

BB8’s Rogue One trailer reaction

I’ve realised that I’m going to be asking myself the same question every year as the build-up begins to the new Star Wars movies: what is so special about Star Wars?

I suppose my biggest reaction to that question this year is the COMMUNITY.  People all over the world and of all walks of life get something fun and memorable out of Star Wars.  And if you are one of these billion plus people, you are part of a large, welcoming community of fans.

I might sound like a born-again preacher by saying this, but there was a time when I threw Star Wars out of my life.  I was dissatisfied with where the franchise was.

But, oh – it’s so good to be a Star Wars fan again!  I see what they are trying to do now: make quality films and stories that people will love and remember.