HOTH Travel Documentary – KYP#5

“The tauntaun – a weird-ass two-legged goat looking thing that is actually a lizard with llama fur.” – Know Your Planets #5

Hoth.  It’s cold.  Yep.

Is there anything else to say..?

It turns out: YES!!!

What planets do you want to see next?  Let us know!

p.s. No.


Yavin 4 is a SITH TEMPLE

KNOW YOUR PLANETS #4 – Sith Temple Documentary

This one was a lot of fun to do.  I’m (dangerously!) interested in the Sith, especially in Palpatine and what exactly he and they were up to.  Although we don’t get into Palpatine much here, there are still a lot of fun facts and tidbits.

Like Yavin 4 being a Sith Temple??!!  WHAT THE CRAP, you guys??  First the Jedi build their temple on an old Sith one, and then the Rebel Alliance just outright crashes in one for a month??  Did no one stop to think how NOT COOL that could be??

Although the Rebels did destroy the Death Star in the end…  Maybe living in a Sith Temple for a few weeks has more long term effects…  Like on one’s sperm and eggs??

*cough* Kylo Ren foreshadowing *cough cough*


*cough cough* Grasping at straws *cough*

Be sure to check out our previous travel doc on everyone’s favourite B-Planet (as in it has yet to appear in the films), Ryloth!


Matthew Good – “Odette” cover

One nostalgia pervert’s cover track of Matthew Good’s “Odette.”  I don’t give a crap if no one else listens to Matt Good anymore.  I do.  And I always will.

And one day we’ll meet.

And I’ll carry his children.

Probably to the store to get ice cream.