Home in Canada for Summer Break – Re-Experiencing my Culture

Boy: a baseball cap, pen, and a skateboard on the bus.  They’re all working together to write something down.  Writing something, wrapping words, making rap prose all ribboned and streamlined.  A simple phrase that evolves and takes you over and over.

Wheels up turned and head face down but this is no accident: there’s a pen and paper between the two, and they’re still cruisin’ cruisin’, speeding up the groovin’ music moovin’.  Pen: tap tap tap.  And underneath the brim of the cap comes the cymbal crash.

Impulsive thinking: What’s that noise?  Is it coming from him?  That high hat, baseball cap, low grade high schooler?  Give him space, he might beat box on you (I heard that’s not a good thing).  “Music is everywhere,” but it’s not beside me on the bus.  Give him room.  It’s my stop soo-, uhh, next.

Boy stands up, pulls cord for stop.  The passangers have thinned out.  Two seats down from me he slips the paper in between the wedge of two seats.  A present?  For who?  Is he leaving it there for anyone?  Can I take it?  Maybe some one else will.  No, no one else would understand him – no one else has watched his process; no one else has watched the music bloom.  People are getting up.  Someone looks at the paper.  Leans down – looks out the window.  Saved.  I’m too curious to let it go now.  I stand, pull the cord, and slip off the bus with a paper in my hand.

It reads

Poem from the bus.


I’m just a shadow of a bigger man

Glowing brighter with each year I am

I was standing on a mountain

Just looking down

It’s like my daddy said

You gotta use your head

My body won’t work for nobody but me son

Yeah, no one said that we aim to please

All your light

You can’t save me

All your light

You can’t save me

I will wait for my time to come

I can’t wait

I can’t wait

For my time to come.

* * *

It’s been a long time coming.  Will anyone share like this across the sea?

4 thoughts on “Home in Canada for Summer Break – Re-Experiencing my Culture

  1. I really like this post. Reminds me when I found a piece of paper with words of wisdom written on it. Always a pleasure to find something like that :D


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