Non-JET ALTs: 皆で歌って苦しもう!

The reason I started this blog.

To vent.

Oh, to live the working life of an JET!  To work within the board of education of your community.  To not have half of your pay trimmed by your dispatchment agency.  To live in the soft lapping beachwaves of bureaucracy – good pay and a small froth of diplomatic immunity washes over your feet and cleans off the sand, keeps the bugs away.

I am not with JET anymore.

I have my pay deducted for fees claimed by a company staffed with non-experts unaffiliated directly with any boards of education or other government agency, which means the drive is for money: my money!  MINE MINE MINE.

And meanwhile women continue to disappear on the Highway of Tears*.



6 thoughts on “Non-JET ALTs: 皆で歌って苦しもう!

  1. Did JET over a decade past, went home for a while, got a teaching degree and job, came back here with my J-wife and hybrid-infant on an unpaid ‘parental leave’. Almost went for an interview with one of those effing ALT agencies, but did better by substitute teaching at various ‘international schools’ until I got hooked up with a permanent job for this year. Thank god! You’ve got my sympathies… though they do you little good.

    1. Sympathies are welcome. And congratulations on your part. I’ve noticed that the here-and-there working method seems to work pretty well. I’m sure we could write a book on these ALT agencies…. I don’t feel like frothing at the mouth and bugging at the eye so I’ll hold back for now though.

  2. I was thinking about that kid Brian Donahue who’s been missing since 1991. He was the kid that my parents constantly warned me about, if I wandered off I would surely be abducted like he was. Even though it’s not at all clear what happened to him, even now. There were no witnesses, no leads, no body, no suspects. Nothing at all. He just dematerialized. I think that having THAT fact explained to me was much more scary. The thought that I could just instantly vanish.

    The characters in Transit, like most of my characters, are amalgamations of people that I knew. No one of them is directly taken from any one person. I made them as mixtures of qualities and biographical details that I remembered from people I met with invented situations.
    : )

    1. I remember that kid. But I remember the name Micheal Dunnahee (not at all sure of the spelling). And I remember well the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance as well. Creepy stuff. I’m surprised when people our age and of the area don’t remember. It really seemed to me that he must have just spontaneously combusted.

  3. I researched several cases from the Highway of Tears for the Transit series.
    A paved band of human sorrow. Researching the mechanics of unsolved murders, I thought how often people can vanish, probably killed, and never be found again. Stolen from the human world.


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