Super Mario Kyushu World

Trying out a new art style.
Take THAT MineCraft! Just to prove that I’m the one who did this, here’s the world building in action. First I had to find the sprites (easy), dismantle them and start reassembling.
Getting through it. This was pretty fun – kinda like putting lego together or building a model.
At this point I was starting to realize that the size of my map wasn’t so good. I shoulda used larger version of each sprite. Not only would have the map been easier to assemble, but it woulda looked a little bit more like Super Mario World. Ah well. Geez, the first screen caption says 7pm, and this one says 11. It’s 2 am now. :Q

Well the host of the sprites asks to give credit where credit is due, so I thank whoever ripped these sprites for supplying me with the tools I needed to try this out (a somewhat shifty link)!

8 thoughts on “Super Mario Kyushu World

  1. I don’t exactly understand this much except for “sprite”. My son loves animations, & doing animations, & he made a sprite animation – but only once. He said it was hard work! A curious post! :)


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