Sasebo Burgers Suck.

I think it would be an understatement to say that the Sasebo Burger is my white whale.

Trapped in the Big Man Burger Joint.

Finding myself one day at a local Sasebo Burger joint in Sasebo, I had a good feeling about the meal I was about to tastefully put in my face.  Barely anyone was in the restaurant, but customers were coming in for pick-up orders placed over the phone; there were pictures up on the walls of semi-famous people giving the thumbs up with a mouth-full of ground meat bits and re-putrified cheese.

Sasebo Burger Delutzz

I got the 極選 (Gokusen – Select Choice) Burger.  Indeed, I can say without hesitation that it was the choice I selected.  This time, a local and native Sasebo Burger, not some cheap knock off.

Like a condom slipped on silently to cover up the rash, I readied the napkin around the burger.

One bite and everything came together.

BURNT and aside from the flavour of ash TASTELESS.  Even the fries, saturated in day-old fat and seasoning, were bad.


If you see THIS SIGN while in Yufuin… GO FOR IT!! No other shoppe will do!

Very unsatisfied, I went to a nearby izakaya, and I re-found something there: true deliciousness.  Nothing can compare: the sounds of rowdy folk in a darkened atmosphere, the distant smell of cigarette smoke, the first sip of that ice-cold beer after a long day, the many skewered fish and foods.  This is a favourite part of Japan.  Nothing beats the sounds, the smells and the eats of an izakaya.  I don’t need imitation-food from home.  What I need is cheese wrapped in meat on a stick; what I need is teriyaki chicken; what I need is enoki and bacon in heavenly combination.

That’s more like it.

Sasebo Burger?

Never again.

19 thoughts on “Sasebo Burgers Suck.

  1. You must be insane. I say that in the nicest way possible since you seem like a decent dude. However, Sasebo Burgers are damn delicious, and it’s not an imitation of anything. It’s culinary fusion, a new Japanese creation. You’re entitled to your own tastes of course, but Sasebo burger is without a doubt a delicious treat. Then again, I lived in Sasebo for 4 years so maybe I’m biased. :)

    1. I respect your opinion, my friend! I know that they are really popular. I guess I’ve been spoiled with my Yufuin Burger..?? hehe. ^^

      Perhaps I’ll try Sasebo again someday!

  2. Yes! Yes, for the love of the 1000 Island Canadian go do animal style fries! I mean the worst that can happen is you won’t like them. You won’t die promise.

  3. What sauce do they use in their burgers? I am a fan of thousand island type sauce in my burgers. You should have In N Out Burgers, but I doubt it’s a thing in Canada, much less Japan. Seriously look them up and animal style fries FTW!
    As far as I know In N Out is a west coast thing.

    1. I’ve never tried 100 Island on a burger before! But you’ve convinced me that it’s something worth checking out~~

      I’ve never heard of N Out Burgers – – but any place where the potatoes are shaped like animals might as well be second home to me! ;P

      1. I don’t mean to rain on your happy animal parade. But animal style is a way they make their burgers where it is just meat, cheese, 1000 sauce and saute’d onions. You can order your fries piles with cheese, sauce and onions too; hence animal style fries.

  4. You guys definitely are in need of an In n out burger.

    I went to my regular sports bar and got a hamburger. It was INCREDIBLE. the meat was about half an inch thick, 6 inches in diameter and it was rare as fuck. I could have died a happy man that night.

  5. You’ve tried your hardest with those damn burgers.

    Izakaya food is tops. In Australia, the “izakaya” has become very trendy but they are all upmarket and wanky. Plus they call it “Japanese tapas”. That makes me fly into an uncontrollable rage.

    1. ‘upmarket and wanky,’ haha! I love it.

      Japanese tapas…….. >< I've never liked that word, unfortunately. When i go out to eat, I wanna be stuffed! Tapas just won't do it. But an izakaya is so much different! Definitely not tapas!

      Thank you for acknowledging my Sasebo Burger plight m-_-m

  6. As your sis, I had to cringe at your condom metaphor…

    Also, I have yet to convince M&M of the merits of bacon wrapped around food on a stick…I may have to recruit your help!

  7. I can vouch for it being overrated. Actually it’s not even good compared to another lunch wagon truck I know.

    Another Japanese myth…!!!!


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