Fish doughnuts? Only in Japan.

One more food of late that I wanted to share:

Yep. You read that right. Fish Doughnuts

They are surprisingly good!  No glaze or toppings.  Just fish flavour all sweet-ified into dough hole-punched for the store window.

This doughnut is ready and waiting to fill my hole.

12 thoughts on “Fish doughnuts? Only in Japan.

  1. I am very interested in this donut! I am not a fan of overly sweet snacks like donuts but it’s not glazed. So I may actually enjoy this donut, what kinda fish flavor does it have? Like oyster sauce or anchovies?

    1. Lol, no anchovies, that’s for sure… There’s just kind of a hint of fish in there. If you’ve ever tried Chinese-style fish crackers or cookies then you’re getting close. I don’t know if I’d go back to try them, but it was a good enough taste for a daring food-venturer. :)

  2. I get weird snacks like these that show up in the local korean market. I did fish crackers once. I love the taste of bonito, but it was a different type of fish and couldn’t make it to the end of the bag. The shrimp ones were pretty good too.

    1. Hahah, “I did fish crackers once…” I love how you write about it as if it were a party drug.

      I like fish jerky… I haven’t had it in a while, but your comment made me think of it now….what is bonito again..?? I feel like I tried it once and liked it.

  3. Eww. Japanese doughnuts are nasty! They are always cold and stale. Wait… these doughnuts taste like fish?! There is no god!

    But seriously, the Japanese do create a lot of inventive snacks. That is one of the things I miss the most about Japan.

    1. heh, yeah, even Mr. Donuts ain’t that great. Tim Horton’s back in Canada – – that’s the way to go!

      These ones we decent though for what they were. ^^

      1. Even Tim’s isn’t that great…the stores receive them frozen and by the box load….they just warm them up and decorate them on site :/


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