Status Effects: Sleep

Status: Tired Equip: Comfee Armor
Status: Tired
Equip: Comfee Armor

I really like the compartmentalization of ailments in video games.  Whether poison, haste, or zombie – they are all neat status changers with consistent effects and cures.  If only modern medicine were so simple!  Perhaps the early coding of the universe was as simplistic as this…

Although my current status is tired, sleep is a condition in gaming dating back as far as the original Final Fantasy.  But as Dungeons and Dragons as been around since the 1970’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sleep status effect has been around much longer than the original Nintendo.  

Although the reason for sleep still evades scientists, a sleeping body is want to heal and grow – just as your party will recover their HP at the local Inn in your favourite RPG.  And although being put to sleep by a magic attack during battle can leave you vulnerable, sometimes when playable characters wake up they are full of health and vitality.  Even animals that hibernate in a state of decreased body temperature will increase their temperature to a state of normalcy in order to sleep.

An interesting article by the Huffington Post suggests that China gets more sleep on weekdays than any other country studied (9 hours plus per person).  Canada is pretty average, but Japan has the least.  However before we start blaming this on usual suspects like unpaid overtime and death by overwork, it looks as though the average person in Japan still clocks over 7 hours on an average work day.  Not enough for me, but pretty decent for most folks.

Good night.

4 thoughts on “Status Effects: Sleep

  1. Reading this made me sleepy….though the culprit is my poor sleep schedule. I like to give myself 9 hours though I generally don’t use it all.

  2. Well, I live by a motto – 8 hours of sleep, no matter what. I don’t care how important the next day is for me – If it’s really that urgent, I’ll tuck in early. But I never, never compromise my sleep.

    Studies have shown that sleep disorder is the cause of majority psychotic breakdowns and hallucinations. :)


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