Tools for drawing manga


Just this week I found a place that made my dreams come true.  And as suspicious as the link above may look, it’s nothing red light or blue at all.  Comic Space is a centre for manga artists to gather, draw, copy, scan and commune – not to mention BUY MANGA GEAR!

Manga Gear!
Manga Gear!  All this for only 1,900 yen!

Just a 5 minute walk from Kokura Station in Kitakyushu City, I found everything I needed to get drawing (well, believe it or not they didn’t have any erasers, u_u).  But paper – GIANT PIECES of paper made SPECIFICALLY for drawing comic art onto!  Like 18 x 27 cm slices of cloud.  PLUS paint brush pen things and copic multiliner regular-type pens.  And blue pencil lead for drawing the drafts!  I am so excited!

5 thoughts on “Tools for drawing manga

  1. Are you back in Japan?
    I got the mister some of that fancy manga drawing paper at a book store in Los Angeles, he was super excited he didn’t have to order it online.

    1. Cool! So they sell that stuff in the US, too? I wonder if there’s a place to buy it in Canada. It is so much more satisfying to buy it at the store, rather than online…. even more satisfying to receive it as a present! What is he drawing?


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