BotW Hand-Drawn Map Prints


Thanks for your interest in the hand-drawn map of BotW.  The map is currently available in 2 sizes:

A2 (large size: 420x594mm) – 5000 Japanese Yen (plus ¥1800 for shipping) [That’s roughly $65 US]

A3 (small size: 297x420mm) – 3000 Japanese Yen (plus ¥1500 for shipping) [That’s roughly $42 US]

International shipping is not a problem!  All prints are rolled and packed with padding for protection.  The print itself is done on poster paper and is signed. Please contact us at cameron(dot)ohara00(at)gmail(dot)com to place your order (and let us know if you want us to add a bonus hidden Korok or two to your print!).

Payments can be made with PayPal.  Please note that as shipments are made from Japan, all prices are in yen.  Shipping prices are non-negotiable and not included in original prices.

About the hand-drawn map:


The original is about 41 x 31.5 cm and was done in pencil and ink over the course of two months in 2017 (contrary to popular belief, I do NOT have a lot of free time – I spent my evenings after work drawing this lolololol).

The map was made by using the game’s unique climbing feature – I literally surveyed and drew what I saw from high places in-game. The in-game map was also a big help as I could pin landmarks and reference their geographical location relative to each other.

The final product has had some texture and background added digitally (colour changes as well) but the drawing of the map itself was all done by hand.

The final product is sepia toned and monochrome (see images above and below).

Feel free to contact us at


for commissions and other requests.

Thanks again!

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