UPDATE – BotW Hand-Drawn Map

Thank you very much everyone again for your continued interest! It took 2 months and untold hours of traversing Hyrule to complete this map. It’s so great to have your support.

As mentioned in the last post, for everyone who puts their name on the waiting list up to December 31st the price for the hand-drawn map will be 3000 yen plus shipping (JPN). For waiting list requests placed on January 1st 2018 and afterwards, map prices will be going up to 5000 yen each plus shipping.

Please email me at cameron(dot)ohara00(at)gmail(dot)com to be put on the waiting list.

A few more details I’ve neglected to mention…

The original drawing has been done on roughly 41 by 31 CM water colored paper. The drawing itself was first done in blue pencil, and then filled in with .3 mm black ink, one area at a time. The original may be up for sale in the future.

For the print, I’m hoping to offer people a choice between sizes A2 and A3 on matte poster paper. I want to see how good it looks blown up before I say for sure about the A2 size though.

For estimated shipping prices to your area, please refer to the Japan Post website (URL below). Please note that all prints will be shipped from Fukuoka.


If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at the address provided above. Shipping will hopefully start in January or February 2018.


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