Making a Map of Mainframe (Part 2)


Pinnacle Elite – The Principle Office (in rough)! I always find it easiest to start at the centre of a picture and work my way out. But there are a few other locations that I’m going to add in next.

Speaking of locations to feature – here is my list:


Dot’s Diner

Algorithm Theater

Kits Sector

Bob’s Apartment

Jet Ball grounds

the ports and control tower

Giedi Prime

the Silicon Tor

Al’s Wait and Eat

Pearson’s Data Dump

energy park

Beverly Hills

energy park


the Principle Office

Lost Angles and the Guilded Gate Bridge

Bob’s V262 Turbo

a code master portal

Electro-Cinematek from ‘High Code’

VidWindows for: the Mainframe Strolling Players, Bucket-O-Nothing, Paint, Incoming Upgrade, Bride of Frankenome, “You Could Be Zipping”

Let me know if there’s something else I should add!

I suppose I should also say that this is going to be a diagram more than an actual map (perhaps I’ll also try to make an actual map), and that I’m planning to use a good measure of artistic license to highlight and feature some of the different locations.

Final thought: I know last time I said that measuring twice and drawing once was key, but I decided to backtrack a little since last time. The image of Mainframe that I had first been using showed Wall Street in the foreground. But after considering the locations I wanted to feature in this map, I decided it would be best to rotate Mainframe so Kits Sector is facing us. That way I can draw all the skyscrapers in the background where they obstruct nothing.

To be continued…

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