Star Wars web comic

Jedi High (#3)

Jedi High is a fan-made STAR WARS comic done entirely for free and drawn and coloured by hand.  This is a fun idea I had about a month ago, so I thought I’d try drawing a few panels to see what people thought.  Whether or not I continue drawing these is up to you!

If you’d like to read more go here.  All new posts will also be put up on the main page.

JH 3

This one was really fun to write.  I mean, the Opera scene is the best part of the prequels, imo.  And making the Plagueis story into a cautionary tale for procrastinating high school students is just hilarious to me.

Also, P-L-A-G-U-E-I-S.  That is the best Sith name ever.  P-L-A-G-U-E-I-S.  I love writing it out.

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