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Jedi High No. 4 – Traitor

Ahsoka had some awkward beginnings, especially with the fans.  And I’ll admit, I didn’t really get much out of her debut film, the Clone Wars. That’s why I decided to portray Ahsoka as having trouble fitting in on her first day of high school.

But just as fans gradually began to understand the importance of Ahsoka in Anakin’s arch (and realize how rad she is on her own), you can be sure she’ll find her footing soon enough in Jedi High. :)

JH 4

Noob Note – Back when I still wasn’t too deep into the lore of Star Wars (and before I finished watching the Clone Wars), I thought that Ahsoka and Shaak Tii were the same character, and that Shaak Ti’s death in RotS deleted scenes was the end of the Ahsoka arch.  Cripes, was I in for a mind warp come season 5 of the Clone Wars.

Speaking of Shaak Ti… I kinda feel bad for the way she’s been treated over the years…

Jedi High is a fan-made STAR WARS comic done entirely for free and drawn and coloured by hand. Whether or not I continue drawing these is up to you!

If you’d like to read more go here.  All new posts will also be put up on the main page.

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