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Making a Map of Mainframe (Part 5)

Kits Sector

Kits Sector is something I thought I’d be able to finish in an evening, but it’s taken me a week to get this far. Unlike my map of Breath of the Wild, I can’t see the image from different angles unless I watch an episode. And that’s tough because recently I’ve been watching the X-Files while I draw. Lol.

Does anyone have any high res images for Kits??  There are a lot of interesting circuitboard looking patterns in this sector.  I’d really like to see them up close.

Bob's 8-Ball Apartment

I’ve lived in the real Kitsilano.  It’s nice.  No 8-Ball Apartments though.  *sad*  Really looking forward to drawing the 8-Ball!  Thanks to ReBoot Revival for pointing out exactly where it is.  You can see the start of it at the top of the image below.  Glitch Bob pointed out something interesting to me as well – in the opening scene of “the Tearing” Bob’s apartment is not visible where it should be when the camera flies by.  Since then I’ve noticed the same in different occasions for Dot’s Diner.  Makes me wonder if they only inserted the more detailed sets across the city when they had close-ups.

Kitsilano and the Saucy Mare
Drawing the Saucy Mare was really fun.

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