Star Wars web comic

Jedi High No. 9 – Qui-Gon is Anakin’s father

JH 9

Qui-Gon is Anakin’s father.  That’s right.  My money’s on Shmi-Gon, baby.

Think about it.  Why else would Qui-Gon have taken Amidala’s starship to Tatooine?  He went there ON PURPOSE to reunite with his son.  (And maybe get a little love from his girl Shmi).  The only thing is, they’ve got to keep it a secret because of the Jedi code about virginity.  Even when they’re talking alone with one another, they pretend like they don’t know each other.  Why?  Foreplay.  They’re obviously into that doing-it-with-a-stranger thing.  But they like being in a committed, long-distance and interplanetary relationship where they only bang once every 10 years.

Of course this also means we now know Rey’s true identity.  She is Shmi’s clone.  Like, share and subscribe – thank you! I’m out.  (dang, someone beat me to it – but not by much!!)

P.S. I liked the way the inks worked in this one, so I left it black and white.

Jedi High is a fan-made STAR WARS comic done entirely for free and drawn and coloured by hand. Whether or not I continue drawing these is up to you!

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