ReBoot Season 5 | A Story Pitch by Cameron Ohara

This is a response video to Bull Session‘s pitch ideas for ReBoot season 5.  I really want to see more people posting their ideas for season 5 online, no matter how big or small.  If you do post something, be sure to let me know, and I’ll share it online anyway I can!

Mainframe Entertainment – “let’s get busy.” ;)

4 replies on “ReBoot Season 5 | A Story Pitch by Cameron Ohara”

Initial episodes, episodic, re-introducing series concepts and multi-system games, then, the Guardians start trying to introducing throttling, and clamping down on net neutrality – leading to a Guardian Civil War due to Daemon’s influence. Bad Guardians experiment on a captured MB to figure out his “drone tubules” while Bob’s use of Mainframe as an experiment comes out, dividing our cast on opposing sides of the Civil war, Matrix definitely going with the bad Guardians until he sees how evil their methods go.

Shiver me templates – This is awesome! I was gonna ask you if you would pitch something, actually.

I get that Civil War vibe. The Guardians will definitely play a larger role now. Interesting that you skipped Megabyte’s hunt though.

Eh, I figure, if I got the show back, I’d let Gavin and co. wrap it up the way they intended with a movie, potentially one that would act as a second pilot of sorts. Though, I’d discuss what would be feasible to carry over into a S5. Plus I’ve got story arcs for another 2 seasons percolating in my mind as well. Keywords, CodeMaster, invasion, viral wurm, from Megs experimentation, Megs, wringer, empathize, redemption ?

Gavin and Co. should ultimately be the ones to finish the story they started, I think. But I have to admit this pitch was a lot of fun to do. I’ve never really done fanfic stuff before either. It was a blast.

I’m super curious to hear more of your ideas. I’m just throwing this out there, but if you did decided to do a video I could help out (I don’t know what kind of setup you’ve got, and maybe you have everything you need to do it yourself – again, just throwing it out there).

But wow! Material for TWO seasons?? :D I had trouble even coming up with what I had for the video. However I do have some ideas for Code Master stuff (as you mentioned) and an ultimate conclusion to Megabyte’s thirst for revenge.

Eager to hear more!

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