Star Wars web comic

Jedi High No. 12 – Buttface

JH 12

Who needs a date for Valentine’s Day when I have the Clone Wars (Tartakovsky’s) on DVD!  Then after V-Day I have Solo on Blu-Ray.  Then for the next weekend, I’m going to watch Rogue One and A New Hope back-to-back.  Then there’s a Star Wars game sale on Steam, so my weekends are pretty much booked from here to eternity.

Jedi aren’t supposed to have attachments anyway, so… you know…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Star Wars fans. :)

Jedi High is a fan-made STAR WARS comic done entirely for free and drawn and coloured by hand. Whether or not I continue drawing these is up to you!

If you’d like to read more go here. All new posts will also be put up on the main page.

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