Rey Finn Poe copy

Two weeks till STAR WARS!!

Vader Shogun copy

Two weeks till STAR WARS and I’ve decided to try my hand and caricature drawings, below is my first official attempt.  I’ve always wondered how to properly emphasize a person’s features while still retaining what makes them identifiable.  This first attempt may be a little tame, but I think I’ve gleaned some important techniques.  Something to work on!

Rey Finn Poe copy

In the meanwhile, I’m up to season 5 of the CLONE WARS and Darth Maul has FINALLY appeared…  But I can say that the second two thirds of season 4 were pretty good.  I’ve started reading Lords of the Sith, too.  It’s very interesting seeing Darth Vader and the Emperor so close up.


Inktober and why I’m loving Instagram

No faceInktober is already halfway through and I had no idea!  What is Inktober? I (don’t) hear you ask (because I was the last person on Earth to learn of it).  Well, apparently October is the month of artistic betterment (at least with inks) – a drawing a day, once every two days, or once a week as instigator Jake Paker says.  Here are some of my posts this week for the month of Inktober!



So I’m a newbie on Instagram – but I LOVE it! While Twitter only lets you post 140 characters at a time, a picture on Instagram is worth a thousand words.

And drawings and photos are easy to consume, which is why I assume there is so much inter-user liking and commenting, especially compared to a site like Twitter.

coz like, yo… am I the only one who DOESN’T HAVE ANY FRAKKING IDEA WHAT ANYONE’S TALKING ABOUT ON TWITTER?  OK, well I do get some of it – I’m only half under the proverbial rock.  But half of Twitter feels like gibberish that I don’t get, and the other half feels like people just whispering at themselves (i.e. little to no comments, replies or retweets).

Instagram is different.  As soon as I signed on, BAM!  There are all my Facebook friends.  BAM!  They’re commenting on my photos.  BAM! BAM! BAM!  Randoms liking my work!  Wow!  It feels like I’m actually part of a community!

Jake the Dog Kyari Pamyu Pamyu

artists tools

The artist’s tools. Genghis Khan Caramel is a must to finish with.

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

How to draw a bad ass Mario

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

Materials: blue lead mechanical pencil, 0.7 regular led mechanical pencil, black Tradio pen, black Pilot V pen (F), black writing brush (筆ペン), Letraset Pro Markers, Photoshop…. erasers and stuff.

First of all I did a Google image search to find some good yankee photos and poses.  Next (click the images for details):


the face changer, Zawachin

If you don’t know how to change your name and assume the identity of another person…

You don’t know the power of make-up.

Forget the masks from Mission Impossible, check out make-up artiste, Zawachin (ざわちん).  Please note that ALL of the pictures below are of the same person.

A part of the mono-mane comedic impression culture of Japan television, Zawachin adds to the FOUNDATION, as it were, of the art. Not to mention she can do you up as your favourite celebrity as well!