Blog Awards is privileged to have received a number of Blogging Awards. Thank you all for your support! I am not able to participate in all blogging award processes, but appreciate all your support to the nth degree!

Thanks to
Sunshine Award
(Thanks to Dust and Dyl!)
Liebster Award
(thank you SmittenWithHim)


Shine On Blogger Award
(Thank you tkmorin!)


Very Inspiring Blogger Award
(Thanks to the Girl in Translation!)


Versatile Blogger Award
(Thank you Happy Yuan


Liebster Blog Award
(Thanks to I whatever and G.E. Gallas)


24 thoughts on “Blog Awards”

  1. I am very inclined to go check out anyone you mention. Will visit a few today.

    Re wishing in when you’re out of, and wishing out of when you’re in a relationship … I SO get that!! I actually really like independent men – not cool and don’t love me, but not obsessively must know/be close to me day in day out, kind of men. That works best for me.

    Cheers! Congrats!

  2. Congratulations Cameron!!
    And thank you for the honor among all these wonderful people and their blogs! I appreciate it :)

  3. This is really cool!
    So about your eye… is it something that can be changed? My sister had the same issue with one of her eyes. She basically had to wear a contact AND glasses in order to see out of it…. she had lasik a few months ago. Best investment she has ever made.

    1. Thanks for checking this page out! ^_^

      Naw, It doesn’t seem to be something that can change. I don’t know the science behind it all, but I’ve never been told of any sort of corrective treatment that would help.

      I’m glad to hear about your sister though! Maybe it is something I should look into…

  4. Wow, that’s so sweet! Thank you! I liked reading your random facts…always fun to find out new things about fellow bloggers.
    PS: It may take a while but I will definitely pass this award on :)

  5. Ohhh Cameron, You gave me additional work in my busy schedule(-_-;) I’ll deal with it after anime fest series. Anyway, thank you for nominating :) Has your foot injury healed?


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