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I am an ART MACHINE *blap bleep bloop* so being here means that you are directly connected to my creative output.

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47 thoughts on “Support the Site

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  2. Mr Jonesu says:

    Love the blog Cameron. It’s been pretty hard to find info on celebrities in Japan but your blog has been a pretty handy resource! If you have time, could you check out my blog? I do pretty much anything in an attempt to get famous in Japan. I’d love to know what you think!

    Mr Jonesu

  3. Amy says:

    Hi, I found your blog a couple of days ago. I like what I’ve read so far! My husband just recently accepted a job in Japan. We will probably moving there sometime in August. We have 3 kids and the only one that speaks Japanese is my husband. Any advice on moving to Japan? I’ve never even visited. We will be living in Tokyo, my husbands job will be in Shinjuku.

    I’m excited and nervous. I need to start learning Japanese!

  4. minoko says:

    Is it possible sharing Blog roll?? I am sharing with “The Japans” already and found this site.
    My site is talking about JP culture , history or artists.

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Heaps interesting. Can’t believe I didn’t see this page before. So that’s you, Gaijin. What DO you and DON’T you do indeed…

    What awesome times you must be having, living there. How great! :)

  6. skv012a says:

    Angry, I’m personally always curious just how most of you other humans view this world we live in and its rules that transcend any culture or society that ants like us managed to establish. So any time I read something like “learning how X differs from Y” peaks my curiosity as to how you viewed the world in Y, what is it about X that was so new to you, and what do you plan to do once you know enough about both.

      • skv012a says:

        Interesting. I feel like this particular area would be either at a backwards slope or just a flat horizontal line for me if you don’t factor in physically learning certain behavior bits (like how to carry yourself at work exactly, etc), but I specifically do lots of thinking on topic of culture and mannerisms and personally stick to no single style myself. Much easier to adapt and stay afloat that way.

        • angrygaijin says:

          Totally – I’m something of a mime when it comes to mannerisms and gestures, in that I tent to mimick people around me kind of automatically. In that regard, dealing with Japanese culture has been a breeze. :)

            • angrygaijin says:

              Culture shock – now there’s a tricky thing! I can’t believe I’m not totally over it year after all the time I’ve been here, but it still comes to bite sometimes. What do you think?

              • skv012a says:

                All depends on what makes your so called nature/cultural bias. I’m doing my best to stay open and neutral and see things for their face value rather than cross-examining them to what I’m used to.

                  • skv012a says:

                    Nothing to do with writing or anything. I’m mostly alluding to reactions like “oh man, thats effed up!” based on well, your ideas about the world around us. Sometimes, its not the action, but the victim’s reaction to it that action that defines its alignment and magnitude.

  7. jonway says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hi! My name is jonway. I am running a Japanese blog (Blog name: Learn Japanese Through Pictures)
    Learn Japanese language, Japanese culture, and Japanese food for free from our picture gallery as we travel Japan and around Asia.

    It is a Pagerank 3 blog. Alexa rank: 717,557

    I would like to exchange link in the homepage.

    I have already added a link to your site.

    You can check it out at my left sidebar of my homepage.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Btw, your comics are funny!

    • angrygaijin says:

      Wai guo ren! That’s cool~ I know that “zhong guo ren” means Chinese (person). Now that’s about 7 Chinese characters that I can read, lol.

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll keep an eye out for posts about China in your blog. I love the language and the history.

    • angrygaijin says:

      Ahh yes yes. The dialects, eh? Japan is full of dialects. Fortunately there is the standardized language that is used in Tokyo and between people from different areas/dialects as a medium (that’s the Japanese that we learn in the West). In short, learning a little Japanese would be totally useful in Okinawa. Still a good idea. Sorry to give you the wrong impression at first!

  8. HealingMutti says:

    We might be moving to Okinawa sometime soon, maybe. I am nervous about the new experience, as I have never lived outside the US, but I am excited too! I have always wanted to visit Japan. The people seem so wonderful.

    • angrygaijin says:

      Okinawa, wow! I’ll keep one more eye on your blog when/if you head over. I’ve never been myself, but it’s apparently very beautiful (although hot). There’s also a strong American presence there what with the military bases and all, so culture-wise you outta have a good network.

      Let me know if you have any questions about Japan! (Although to be fair Okinawa is historically, culturally and linguistically different from the rest of Japan.)

      Thanks for the comment. :)

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