Here we go! Sorry for the late update – I was having some technical difficulties with YT. But we’re all good now. This is where we get to your questions and comments, folks. This is where we get to the technical side of things, and the LORE!
I gotta give a big hand to Zeke Norton, Andrew Duncan and Casey Kwan (and also to Phil Mitchell who tried really hard to make it, but just couldn’t work it this time). These guys had to deal with,
  1. my schedule as an ex-pat in Japan (time difference) and
  2. my schedule as a parent of numerous babies (that, ON TOP of their own busy schedules)!
It means a lot that they made the time to talk about the show. I really hope that this is something that ReBoot fans and animators can look back to FOR GENERATIONS to come! It’ll get especially interesting I think when we get season 5!

Again, thank-you for your questions. Don’t forget to share these commentaries (and the show) with your friends, enemies and family.


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Stay frosty!



The Edge of Web Riders Commentary – Part 1

Editor/Director Andrew Duncan, Supervising Animator Casey Kwan and Animator/Director Zeke Norton for the hit 90s cartoon and cult classic ReBoot are here for a doubleheader commentary recording for the episodes “the Edge of Beyond” and “Web Riders on the Storm.

Lots of laughs, lore and professional insight as we surf the Web, discuss what makes it unique from the Net, and look to future generations of ReBoot fans. This one gets a little technical, folks!

As always, thanks for your questions. Don’t forget to share these commentaries (and the show) with your friends, enemies and family.

The Q&A session in Part 2 will be up later this week.

Until then, stay frosty!


ReBoot Commentary Track – “Icons”

This past week Sharon Alexander (voice of adult AndrAIa), Andrew Duncan (editor/director), Phil Mitchell (animator/co-creator) and Zeke Norton (animator/director) joined me for a Q&A and commentary recording of the ReBoot Season 3 episode “Icons.”

A big thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We didn’t get to everything you submitted, but if you didn’t hear your question this time I hope to be doing another recording sometime this year.  Stay tuned!

I want to send out a HUGE thank-you to guests Sharon Alexander, Andrew Duncan, Phil Mitchell, and Zeke Norton. This wouldn’t have happened without their insight and enthusiasm, not to mention a love for the show.  Cheers.

ReBoot Icons 2