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We’re back with new episodes of KNOW YOUR PLANETS! #KYP

It’s been a while, but these were just so fun to make I had to have another crack at them. This week’s destination is wet and wild Kamino. Let us know what planets you’d like to see covered in the future!

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JEDI HIGH NO.8 – Death Sticks

JH 8

The scene at the bar on Coruscant has got to be one of my favourite moments of the prequel films.  And it’s probably what tipped me into the “I like Episode II” camp.  I know a lot of people can’t stand this film, but I remember watching in the theater, laughing, and thinking, “All right – we’ve got some of that dry OG trilogy humour back.  I’m in.”

Also, the editing in this sequence is boss.

Jedi High is a fan-made STAR WARS comic done entirely for free and drawn and coloured by hand. Whether or not I continue drawing these is up to you!

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