Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Michael Donovan

The legendary voice actor and voice director Michael Donovan comes by to talk Star Wars, Conan the Adventurer, and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. But most importantly, the hit 90s Canadian cartoon ReBoot. https://youtu.be/e1YCiO2Psc4 Although our main point of conversation was fan-favourite episode "Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Our Sponsor," Michael shared some stories (and photos!) … Continue reading Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Michael Donovan

ReBoot Commentary Track – “Icons”

https://youtu.be/vzdBQQqAsCs This past week Sharon Alexander (voice of adult AndrAIa), Andrew Duncan (editor/director), Phil Mitchell (animator/co-creator) and Zeke Norton (animator/director) joined me for a Q&A and commentary recording of the ReBoot Season 3 episode "Icons." A big thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We didn't get to everything you submitted, but if you didn't hear … Continue reading ReBoot Commentary Track – “Icons”