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Making a Map of Mainframe (Part 7)

Wall Street was very easy to lay the draft lines for.  All the buildings and skyscrapers are easy to spot in any fly by in the show.  But what really helped me with the details around the Principle Office was the header image above.  A big thanks to ReBoot Revival and Glitch Bob for that.  In fact, there are a bunch of awesome posters up at the ReBoot Revivial site.  Check them out!

As a side, it was really fun to draw the Baudway towers.  But pretty soon I’ll have to start Beverly Hills…  I have a feeling I’m going to have trouble finding good images of that sector to reference.  Did we ever spend any time in that sector in the show??

Sorry for the poor image quality this week.  Everything is still in light pencil, so yeah…  Next time I’ll try to turn up the contrast again.


To be continued…

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maps Reboot


Floating Point Park rough
Floating Point Park less rough

Floating Point Park was difficult because there’s not a lot of images of it online.  So I watched the intro to season 2 (right when Bob says “Mainframe” in slow motion back and forth about a hundred times, as I slowly traced out the general layout of the park.  I also used this image for reference:

Floating Point Park – bird’s eye view (from the ReBoot Wikia)

This park is an absolute work of art with all its shapes and colours.  It is amazing and I feel a little bit of artist Brendan McCarthy in it (although I’m not sure how much of a hand he played in its design).

So over the course of two nights, I got a pretty good feel of the park.  I’m going to leave it as is (the 2nd image above) for now and work on the other sectors.  I may have to erase or relocate certain elements if they clash with other locations in the future.

This past week I also become reacquainted with ReBoot Revival and will definitely be using some of their high-resolution images to complete detailing on future updates.  Thanks, Glitch Bob!

images (12)-197680455..jpg

In watching the season 2 intro, I also rewatched the season 2 episode “High Code” and found some cool new locations and vid-windows I could try to add.  I also finally figured out where Dot’s Diner is on the Mainframe map!  Too cool!  Now if I can only find Bob’s apartment…

Floating Point Park less rough