ReBoot Commentary Track – “Icons”

This past week Sharon Alexander (voice of adult AndrAIa), Andrew Duncan (editor/director), Phil Mitchell (animator/co-creator) and Zeke Norton (animator/director) joined me for a Q&A and commentary recording of the ReBoot Season 3 episode “Icons.”

A big thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We didn’t get to everything you submitted, but if you didn’t hear your question this time I hope to be doing another recording sometime this year.  Stay tuned!

I want to send out a HUGE thank-you to guests Sharon Alexander, Andrew Duncan, Phil Mitchell, and Zeke Norton. This wouldn’t have happened without their insight and enthusiasm, not to mention a love for the show.  Cheers.

ReBoot Icons 2


ReBoot Commentary “Icons”

Hey all! I’ve been trying to organize Mainframe cast and crew into recording a few new commentary tracks for the 25th anniversary of ReBoot this year.

This week I’m going to do a commentary recording for the season 3 episode “Icons” with Sharon Alexander (voice of adult AndrAIa), Zeke Norton (animator/director), and Phil Mitchell (animaor/co-creator). We’re also going to have a pre-recorded Q&A session afterwards, so I was hoping to collect questions from anyone here who may have them.

The commentary recording is set to take place this weekend so if you have any questions for our guests, please comment below by Thursday (with your preferred handle). Please note that due to time constraints not all questions will be answered.

Can’t wait to hear from ya!