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Making a Map of Mainframe (Part 3)

Lost Angles – formerly the twin city of Mainframe, which was destroyed when one Welman Matrix tried to open a portal to the Net. All that remained of the city after the explosion was the small island connected by a warped suspension bridge called the Guilded Gate Bridge.

Lost Angles will be one of the more simple locations to draw on this map, simply because it’s separated from the rest of the city and doesn’t affect the placing of other buildings and locations around it. I really wanted to include some of the artwork that Hexadecimal made on the buildings from the episode “Painted Windows,” but the area is just too small to include that kind of detail. In fact, I’ve already enlarged the island in relation to Mainframe quite a bit. If I hadn’t, you would have barely been able to see landmarks even as big as Hex’s Tower. The city of Mainframe is just enormous compared to Lost Angles when shown in the ReBoot media.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Reddit for recommending places to include on this map. I’m going to try to squeeze them all in! I’m also looking for vidwindow content to put up around the city, so let me know if you have any ideas!

To be continued…