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Every Reference in ReBoot – Wizards, Warriors and a Word from our Sponsor

Welcome to Part 9 of our Every Reference (EVREF) series!

Did you know Mike’s voices are inspired by Monty Python? Or that Mike’s advertisements are a take on Ron Popeil’s famous infomercials? We’ve got 99 99 99 more references, so tune in!

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“Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor” Commentary

You voted and “Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor” was one of the top choices for season 1 of ReBoot.

That means that actor and voice director Michael Donovan, (Mike the TV, Phong, Cecil, Al, Mr. Christopher and MANY MORE) will be joining me for a one-on-one commentary in the month of May!

If you have any questions for our honoured guest, leave a comment below along with your preferred handle.

So stay tuned for “the mighty warrior” himself, Michael Donovan.


As for “the Edge of Beyond” and “Webriders on the Storm” double commentary – that is STILL IN THE WORKS but has been rescheduled to later this month. Stay tuned!