The Edge of Web Riders Commentary – Part 1

Editor/Director Andrew Duncan, Supervising Animator Casey Kwan and Animator/Director Zeke Norton for the hit 90s cartoon and cult classic ReBoot are here for a doubleheader commentary recording for the episodes “the Edge of Beyond” and “Web Riders on the Storm.

Lots of laughs, lore and professional insight as we surf the Web, discuss what makes it unique from the Net, and look to future generations of ReBoot fans. This one gets a little technical, folks!

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The Q&A session in Part 2 will be up later this week.

Until then, stay frosty!


“Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor” Commentary

You voted and “Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our Sponsor” was one of the top choices for season 1 of ReBoot.

That means that actor and voice director Michael Donovan, (Mike the TV, Phong, Cecil, Al, Mr. Christopher and MANY MORE) will be joining me for a one-on-one commentary in the month of May!

If you have any questions for our honoured guest, leave a comment below along with your preferred handle.

So stay tuned for “the mighty warrior” himself, Michael Donovan.


As for “the Edge of Beyond” and “Webriders on the Storm” double commentary – that is STILL IN THE WORKS but has been rescheduled to later this month. Stay tuned!


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